Why Advertise your Property Here

  • We run the Bed& Breakfast and Self Catering Series of Exhibitions and Conferences that take place in Edinburgh, Bristol and Llandudno.
  • These shows are attended by thousands of people but many more visit the website to register their information.
  • The only people who register their information are: 
    • Actual B&B and Self Catering Property and Business Owners
    • People looking to invest in a B&B and / or Self Catering Property and Business
    • Those looking to sell their current B&B or Self Catering Property and Business
    • And finally those looking to sell their current B&B or Self Catering Property and Business in order to upgrade or add to their business.
  • An existing B&B / Self Catering Property and Business is much more cost effective to purchase than a house that needs converting.
  • This website is highly targeted and the more properties that are on the site the more people that will visit and return to the website.
  • Already Estate Agents are using this site to advertise their B&B / Self Catering Properties.
  • We are about to embark on a Google Adwords long running campaign and to link with other relevant websites.
  • Each month we emailshot 7,000 other B&B / Self Catering Business owners and Partners to increase awareness of the property section.
  • Already some Owners have taken additional advertising opportunities to appear on the Properties for Sale stand at the Edinburgh and Bristol Shows.

How does it work and cost?

  1. We do not charge a commission
  2. Our monthly fee is £30 per month including VAT for a minimum period of 6 months payable up front (£180 plus VAT) and then after 6 months your billing automatically changes to £30 (inc VAT) per month until such time as you cancel.
  3. Click here to go to the Advertisers Form -complete it-payment taken at the end and we do the rest.
  4. We will need from you, apart from payment:-
  • Up to 12 photos
  • 6-8 bullet points
  • More detailed information about 300-500 words
  • And the contact details when they wish to view and purchase.